Dear visitor, Welcome to Almende – The Second Triennial of Beetsterzwaag! On this website you will find an overview of the different participating artists and works of art that are part of the triennial. The Beetsterzwaag Triennial is a multi-day art event organised every three years by Kunsthuis SYB, taking place at various locations in […]

28 August 2018


Almende – The Second Triennial of Beetsterzwaag

– The Reader is only Dutch– Deze reader vormt een inhoudelijke en speculatieve reflectie op de aangesneden thema’s die de triënnale onder de koepel van het begrip ‘almende’ adresseert. Aan de hand van een reeks tekstbijdragen, waaronder essays, een reeks speculatieve voetnoten, en reflecties op werken van deelnemende kunstenaars wordt gekeken naar een meer uitgebreide […]

Louwrien Wijers

participating artist

In light of 100DagenBeuys, Louwrien Wijers will lecture on the subject of Beuys and the old Friesland on Saturday 8 September. The lecture departs from a text from an edition of the magazine It Baeken (Fryske Akademie, 1958), which discusses the meeting in Leeuwarden of De Drie Frieslanden. Joseph Beuys, who was particularly interested in […]

Jason Hendrik Hansma

participating artist

Contributed work: Jason Hendrik Hansma presents quantum-optomechanical components and a series of hand-blown glass sculptures, in response to a recent project in which he collaborated with quantum physicists and systems theoreticians around concepts of inter dependency and liminality. Hendrik Hansma’s work focuses on the notion that human thought and action – especially the tendency of […]

Timmy van Zoelen

participating artist

Contributed work: During the triennial, Timmy van Zoelen presents a new multimedia installation in which moving image, sound and objects constellate to provide a domestic twist to the Notariskoepel. The title of this piece refers to the physical game in which the players pretend that the floor is lava and climb on surrounding objects like furniture to bring themselves to safety. Bio: […]

Müge Yilmaz

participating artist

Contributed work: Müge Yilmaz’s artistic research focuses on the border between material and entity. Specifically, Yilmaz is interested in the Anthropocene or the Anthropogene, the era in which human activity globally leaves its trace on ecosystems and the geological composition of the earth, and where human beings become increasingly estranged from their own nature. In […]

Anne Marijn Voorhorst

cooperation with Minne Kersten, Marlena von Wedel, Charlott Weise

Contributed work: Anne Marijn Voorhorst presents works from her recent residency at Kunsthuis SYB, where she  researched the notion of passivity in collaboration with Minne Kersten, Marlena von Wedel and Charlott Weise. Passivity has bad connotations: in the current society that is filled with stimuli, forward motions and the general expectation to become successful, Voorhorst […]

Lea Porsager

participating artist

Contributed work: Lea Porsager artistic practice encompasses research into experimental, esoteric and occult ideas and systems. By specifically referring to Georges Bataille’s surrealistic text L’anus solaire (The Solar Anus, 1931), Porsager’s videowork Soil Solarization draws from the spirit of the avant garde. In this work, a day-long alternative Family Constellation (a form of psychotherapy that, […]

Eric Peter

participating artist

Contributed work:  With his the ongoing project Economy as Intimacy, Eric Peter researches how we can read economical trade as intimite transactions. Poetry is key, for it can make the relationships between people tangible, audible and visible in a very refined and personal way. At the same time, the exchange of words can be connected […]

Rosie Heinrich

participating artist

Contributed work: We always need heroes is an ongoing, interdisciplinary art project that delves into the psychological and social dynamic of Iceland’s economical crash of 2008 – currently one decennium ago. For two years, Heinrich conducted conversations with numerous Icelanders. The recordings of their reports, insights and voices form the basis of this project. By […]

Josje Hattink

participating artist

Contributed work: The work All is well in the garden approximates what happens when the soil is dug out from under our feet, when we experience the traces of the past and are confronted with material residues of passed times. Materials that can be stored limitedly, or that will perish once excavated. All is well […]

Ane Graff

participating artist

Contributed work: In Mattering Waves, Ane Graff presents a new body of sculptural works that poetically engage with issues of identity, touch and growth. The sculptures in Mattering Waves deal with issues of touch and identity between materials, and between humans and materials. Inspired by philosopher Donna Haraway’s statement that she herself is “a creature […]

Eric Giraudet de Boudemange

participating artist

zaal Eric Giraudet de Boudemange

Contributed work: In 2015, Eric Giraudet de Boudemange travelled through Friesland in search of local stories and traditions. He learned ‘fierljeppen’, searched for plover’s eggs and learned a great deal about endangered meadow birds. For the triennial, Giraudet de Boudemange presents two video works: Friesche Lusthof and When I heard the learn’d astronomer. The scenario […]

Paul Geelen

participating artist

Contributed work: With his long term research into the possibilities of a ‘life elixir’, Paul Geelen currently investigates the rejuvenating and conservational workings of snail slime. In a response to the context of Beetsterzwaag, Geelen developed an installation – that resembles the well-known sales booths that can be found alongside streets – where ampoules of […]

Toon Fibbe & Laura Wiedijk

participating artist

Contributed work: In the parallel, digital universe of the internet, there is a subculture of people who do not necessarily feel human, and identify with other animals or mythical creatures. They embody the souls of for example a wolf, a fox, a fairy, or a vampire. They mostly congregate on internet fora where they express […]

Wapke Feenstra

participating artist

Contributed work: Every day, Wapke Feenstra will “sutel” (Frisian for peddling) through Beetsterwaag with a braided peddler’s basket. Inside the basket, Janus de Wolfkaars, a Huangaing Bag from China, and of course, the Beastly Treasure from Beetsterzwaag. These, and all other goods in her basket have been conceived with villages around the world. They tell […]

Priscila Fernandes

participating artist

Contributed work: The sound work In darkness all cats are grey is based on the medieval utopia of Cockaigne: a place where work is unnecessary, with an abundance of food and pleasant weather. The journey to such a place is often told as a difficult expedition that takes many years and bears enormous expectations. In […]

Helen Dowling

participating artist

Contributed work: Inspired by the tropical greenhouses of Beetsterzwaag, Helen Dowling presents the project The Queen of Lemons: a video-installation that focuses on the transformative potential of concepts and language. Within Dowling’s long term research, poststructuralist and feminist thinkers such as Hélène Cixous and Luce Irigaray form an important basis, especially their ideas about the […]

Deirdre Donoghue

participating artist

Contributed work: With her workshop The Council of All Beings, Deidre M. Donoghue will propose a revision of the concept of almende. In collaboration with the local population of Beetsterzwaag, Donoghue and sound artist and composer Sharon Stewart will head into the forests and employ Deep Listening® (the lifework of Pauline Oliveros: an inclusive listening […]

Cristóbal León & Joaquín Cociña

participating artist

Contributed work: In the video work The Witch and the Lover by Joaquin Cociña & Cristóbal León we see Jaime Guzmán–the main ideologist of the Pinochet dictatorship and author of the Chilean Constitution (1980)–sneaking into the dream of a witch. The witch confronts different personifications of herself, and tries to keep her visitor away by […]

Madison Bycroft

participating artist

Contributed work: Mollusk Theory: Soft Bodies is a performance that plunges into the ocean to discover an unlikely theoretician in the squid, a mollusk with a soft body. The performance comprises a series of fragments that bespeak the mollusk, and propose a new discourse of language, subjectivity and love. In Mollusk Theory: Soft Bodies, Bycroft […]

Eglė Budvytytė

participating artist

Contributed work: Orcas and Volcanos (werktitel) is een nieuw performance werk in ontwikkeling van Egle Budvytyte. Het werk neemt de vorm aan van een ritueel dat bestaat uit speciaal ontwikkelde liedjes en choreografieën. De liedjes, die lijken op poëtische bezweringen, dragen een verscheidenheid aan niet-menselijke vormen van leven over. Gebruikmakend van taal en gebaar onderzoekt […]

Feiko Beckers

participating artist

Contributed work: The video work The Inevitable Others takes place in an environment reminiscent of a talk show setting. Inside this environment, Feiko Beckers welcomes three guests who don’t speak a single word for the entirety of the video. In the presence of these guests, Beckers tells three stories about his preference for doing things […]