Feiko Beckers

participating artist

Contributed work:

The video work The Inevitable Others takes place in an environment reminiscent of a talk show setting. Inside this environment, Feiko Beckers welcomes three guests who don’t speak a single word for the entirety of the video. In the presence of these guests, Beckers tells three stories about his preference for doing things alone, and the strategies he employs to achieve that. He tells for example about going to the cinema alone, or how he always attempts to avoid accidental meetings on the streets. At the end of these stories it becomes apparent that all his attempts ultimately fail. The film screenings in cinemas turn out to be sold out, and instead of avoiding people on the streets, Beckers only succeeds in drawing more attention to himself.


Feiko Beckers (1983) is a Dutch artist. He graduated from the Minerva Academy in Groningen in 2006 and was artist in residence at the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam in 2010-2011. In 2013 he was a resident at Palais de Tokyo’s Le Pavilion programme. He works with mundane histories based on events from his own life, stories about failures, accidents or embarrassing situations that he has personally experienced. His work seeks answers to the unexpected, merciless character of unfortunate events. With video, performance, installations and even music, he constructs narratives that are unexpectedly interrupted, their determined and unavoidable failure impending and self-evident.