Priscila Fernandes

participating artist

Contributed work:

The sound work In darkness all cats are grey is based on the medieval utopia of Cockaigne: a place where work is unnecessary, with an abundance of food and pleasant weather. The journey to such a place is often told as a difficult expedition that takes many years and bears enormous expectations. In her sound work, Priscila Fernandes transformed this narration and applied it to the present time, where hordes of people walk around a city park at night, without ever finding access to the park. To reveal how utopias arise from our imaginative capacities, and how they can be instrumentalised, Fernandes embodied every character, including their different ambitions and desires, in the sound work.

This work has been made possible with support of CBK Rotterdam.


Priscila Fernandes (1981, Portugal) is a visual artist based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her installations, videos and paintings are informed by an interest in art education and the dichotomies between labour and leisure.Recent exhibitions include the 32nd São Paulo Biennial with the installation Cuckoo Land and Other Futures; The Book of Aesthetic Education of the Modern School at Foundation Joan Miró, Barcelona; Back to the sandbox: Art and Radical Pedagogy, Rekjavík Art Museum; Playgrounds, Museum Reina Sofia, Madrid; PIGS, Artium Basque Museum; Learning for Life, Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter, Oslo; 12 Contemporaries, Serralves Museum, Porto; and Those bastards in caps come to have fun and relax by the seaside instead of continuing to work in the factory, at TENT, Rotterdam.