Wapke Feenstra

participating artist

Contributed work:

Every day, Wapke Feenstra will “sutel” (Frisian for peddling) through Beetsterwaag with a braided peddler’s basket. Inside the basket, Janus de Wolfkaars, a Huangaing Bag from China, and of course, the Beastly Treasure from Beetsterzwaag. These, and all other goods in her basket have been conceived with villages around the world. They tell stories about regions, natural resources, skills and local myths. The goods are part of a network of stands, performances and exhibitions that have been emerging both permanently and ad hoc since 2007 under the title International Village Shop. The goods are rare, and when the turnout becomes too big, the artist moves on to a car boot sale.


Wapke Feenstra lives and works in Rotterdam. In 2003 she founded the international art group Myvillages with Antje Schiffers (Berlin) and Kathrin Böhm (London). Her work focuses on the relationship between city and countryside. Feenstra works on the daily interactions with natural resources, the village, landscape perception and our agricultural images. The work can be e.g. a large pantry emptied during an exhibition (Haus de Kulturen der Welt, Berlin DE, 2010-12), a photographic portrait or an animation that follows the geology of a Russian village (Made in Zvizzchi, Kaluga Ablast & Moscow Biennale RU, 2012- 15), or young people who show their parents’ ranch while the camera is running (Farmers & Ranchers, Friesland and the Colorado USA prairies, 2012-2014). And sometimes there are felt-sleeping-bags for potatoes on the counter, next to a porcelain spoon in the shape of a frog’s leg or a wild treasure that was born in 2016 in Beetsterzwaag. All these exhibitions, books, events and long-term projects made in and about the countryside are co-creations. More at http://www.wapke.nl