Anne Marijn Voorhorst

cooperation with Minne Kersten, Marlena von Wedel, Charlott Weise

Contributed work:

Anne Marijn Voorhorst presents works from her recent residency at Kunsthuis SYB, where she  researched the notion of passivity in collaboration with Minne Kersten, Marlena von Wedel and Charlott Weise. Passivity has bad connotations: in the current society that is filled with stimuli, forward motions and the general expectation to become successful, Voorhorst questions the meaning of passivity. She analyses the origin of passivities’ negative charge, and what can be gained from a broader approach to the subject. During her working period, she delved deeper into passivity-related subjects such as stillness, inertia, indecisiveness, procrastination and invisibility, which resulted in a variety of texts, videos, textile paintings and sculptures.


Anne Marijn Voorhorst (1992, NL) is a writer of prose and poetry and works as an art critic. In 2014 she graduated in Beeld & Taal, Gerrit Rietveld Academie and now works on a collection of short stories. Her stories, reviews and articles were published by a.o. Metropolis M, Tubelight, De Tirade and several artists’ publications. She did readings and performances at a.o. NEVERNEVERLAND (2017), Kunstvereniging Diepenheim (2016), Showroom MAMA (2014) and the Cobra Museum (2013).