Isabelle Andriessen

participating artist

Contributed work: In a world that is increasingly typified by climatological and ecological instability, Isabelle Andriessen presents her work Plastic Coma (Sweating): an aluminum sculpture that occupies the middle ground between living and lifeless, organic and inorganic. Within her practice, Andriessen questions and researches the status of sculpture in relationship to being human. When do […]

6 till 9 September 2018


Beesterszwaag’s second triennale

This autumn, Kunsthuis SYB presents the second edition of the triennial festival of visual arts: the Triennial of Beetsterzwaag. During the four days of the festival you may choose between viewing art, or live performances, participating in activities, listening to seminars, meeting artists, or just meandering through our historic locations while enjoying fantastic food and […]