10 till 19 September 2021

Martijn de Geele, Nicole Kuiper, Sara Postolle

Sara Postolle

Martijn de Geele (1994, Netherlands), Nicole Kuiper (1998, Spain), and Sara Postolle (1997, Poland) are a collective of artists who work with multidisciplinary multimedia formats. Working together on a variety of projects over the span of 4 years they share a common ground in themes of existentialism within societal norms. During the lockdown the artists have each been working on a form of constructing utopian realities and projecting their ideals and desires for the future.

Martijn de Geele (1994, Nederland) grew up surrounded with an intrigue for rhythm and sound. His work process exists of making sound arrangements on the computer, which he reprocesses through digital media and musical hardware like modular synthesisers and 3D programs. This can be seen in his most recent work „Televisions have ADHD too” which is based on his experience of ADHD and visualising it in 3D printed televisions.   

Nicole Kuiper (1998, Spain) is a multidisciplinary artist, she entertains in her video and performance works an existentialist utopia. In her work  “Everything and Nothing” she addresses the notion of the absurdity of existence, which is a central theme explored in her practice. Through a series of questions the artist aims for the viewer to reflect on societal norms in order to own one’s existence. She uses herself as a tool to explore her questions and ideas of life and the ordinary. As an outcome her latest video investigates a reality w here the absurdity of gender roles is rendered visible. 

Sara Postolle (1997, Poland) was brought up abroad for most of her life, having often migrated from country to country due to her parents jobs. Home is an ambiguous concept within her practice, the artist claims this „Home” to be a state of mind. Her work revolves largely around concepts of immigration, migration and crossing borders through the travel of self and the mind.