10 till 19 September 2021

Halla Einarsdottír

Working predominantly with performance, sculpture and video, Halla Einarsdóttir takes the role of a storyteller weaving various source materials and allowing them to feed her vocality, gesticulation and delivery.

10 till 10 September 2021

Inge Meijer

Inge’s works take the viewer to a familiar environment that still feels strange.

10 till 19 September 2021

Janne van Gilst

Through her photography, Janne van Gilst reflects on the cultural zeitgeist and its relationships to
the ways we shape and experience our surroundings.

10 till 19 September 2021

Jasper Coppes

Jasper Coppes, Aasivissuit, 2020

Jasper Coppes questions the dominant narratives we tell about landscapes and the processes that take place within them.

10 till 19 September 2021

LD Garnier

LD Garnier Kunsthuis SYB

Artist and perfumer, Laurent-David (LD) Garnier (PhD, MSc, Sandberg Institute Amsterdam, MFA, 2015) explores at the molecular level the transformation of matter. 

10 September 2020 till 19 September 2021

Lotte van der Woude

Lotte van der Woude (1986, Amsterdam) graduated as a political scientist and visual artist.

10 till 19 September 2021

Martijn de Geele, Nicole Kuiper, Sara Postolle

Sara Postolle

Martijn de Geele (1994, Netherlands), Nicole Kuiper (1998, Spain), and Sara Postolle (1997, Poland) are a collective of artists who work with multidisciplinary multimedia formats.

10 till 19 September 2021

Monique Duurvoort

Monique Duurvoort (1971, Amsterdam) is an independent interdisciplinary artist born in Amsterdam, with roots in Friesland, Suriname and the US.

10 till 19 September 2021


Onkruidenier presents an installation with tools that allow us to mediate between humans and a retreated sea. Some of the tools were developed in collaboration with Studio Kai Udema.

Artist collective de Onkruidenier investigates historical, cultural and potential transformations of nature and its possibilities to evolve humans.

10 till 19 September 2021

Seán Hannan

The work of Seán Hannan (1986, Amersfoort) is driven by an infinite curiosity for the invisible and mysterious.

10 till 19 September 2021

Sissel Marie Tonn

The work of Sissel Marie Tonn revolves around this question: Where does our body end and our environment begin?

10 till 19 September 2021

Jesse Strikwerda

Jesse Strikwerda (1991, Jorwert) makes installations and sculptures in which the manipulability of reality is central.

10 till 19 September 2021

Caz Egelie

Caz Egelie (1994, The Hague, NL) creates installations, performances, two-dimensional works and videos.

10 till 19 September 2021

Ash Kilmartin

Ash Kilmartin (1986, Nieuw-Zeeland) maakt beeldhouwwerk, audiowerk en performances.

10 till 19 September 2021

Anna Hoetjes

Signals from the Universe - Layering the portrait of a nebula 2020 work in progress

Anna Hoetjes (1984, Amsterdam) is a visual artist and filmmaker. Her work draws parallels between film history from the early 20th century and technological developments today.

10 till 19 September 2021

Maarten Bel

Maarten Bel - Borduren in de avonduren

MMaarten Bel (1987, Dordrecht) alienates his audience by addressing heavy themes in a humorous way, often drawing inspiration from everyday events. In his world, the Smurfs are melting due to climate change, cleaning up rubbish becomes a more fanatical game than Monopoly and there is few as sexy as an embroiderer. Sometimes it happens that […]