Public programme WEEKEND 1

Please note, Saturday the 11th of September is National Open Monument Day, with plenty of activities in Beetsterzwaag. Entrance to Langstme will be free that day (but please do reserve a ticket). Langstme’s public programme will be slightly smaller that day.

10, 11, 12 September: Performances
Sara Postolle, Nicole Kuiper, Martijn de Geele: Meeting in the Middle
Location: in front of Kunsthuis SYB, from 12:30 hrs
Duration: 30 minutes per performance
This part of the program is made possible by the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Fryslan.

The lockdown period was tough for these three recently graduated artists from Academie Minerva. They were stuck behind scenes and unable to physically meet. With this series of performances they were looking for a way to meet each other again ‘in the middle’. Sara Postolle (1997, PL) brings a musical story and a soundscape, as she tells about her longing and the journey of immigrants to find a home. Nicole Kuiper (1998, ES) performs her artwork Cleaning routine live; a work she made during the quarantine, as part of her video performance My everything and nothing. Martijn de Geele (1994, NL) shares a live music performance as a nostalgic reflection on his memories of growing up in Friesland. The artists have also planned a collaborative performance in which they will combine different media and invite the audience to participate, creating together a “time capsule of memories.

Excursion: Sunday 12 September
Janne van Gilst: Miltvuurbosjes (Anthrax Groves)
Start: 13:00 – 14:30 hours I Duration: 1,5 hours
Maximum number of participants: 15
Sign up via or at the entrance of Kunsthuis SYB

Janne van Gilst (1991, NL) used SYB as a starting point for her research into anthrax groves: landscape elements that mainly occur in the Northern provinces of the Netherlands and mark the place where until the 19th century, anthrax-infected cattle were buried. After calls in local media, Janne received numerous tips about anthrax groves near Beetsterzwaag. Janne photographed them and then developed and printed them in her home-built darkroom in Kunsthuis SYB. She did this with the 19th century photographic technique cyanotype or blueprint, which slowly fades away.

During Langstme, Janne shares her latest experiments with this technique in locations as unexpected as the bushes themselves. She also tells more about her project on a special website and organizes an excursion to anthrax groves in the area on both Sundays.

Dialogue: Sunday 12 September
Monique Duurvoort & Petra Ponte: Wie wat bewaart, die heeft wat?
Location: SYB’s garden
Start: 14:00 hrs
Language: Dutch
Max. number of participants: 5
Please sign up via or at the entrance of Kunsthuis SYB

With Heinde en ver, choreographer and artist Monique Duurvoort (1971, NL) presents a work from her ongoing research into the black and white family line from her mother’s side. With her installation she reflects on the difference in the availability of, and access to, knowledge between these different family histories. What does this unequal relationship mean for the development of your self-image? And what do you pass on (consciously/unconsciously) to the generation(s) after you as a result? Monique contributes to Langstme on the invitation of former SYB resident Petra Ponte. As friends, they have been working together for years. During Petra’s residence in SYB in 2019, Monique and she spent a few days together looking for traces of Monique’s (unknown) Frisian family history.

As an extension of the installation Heinde en ver, Monique and Petra invite you to the garden of Kunsthuis SYB on Sunday 12 September for an open conversation about remembering, collecting and preserving.